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Cluster maintenance


Cluster maintenance includes...

  1. Applying fix packs and interim fixes
  2. Updating software release level on each node in the cluster

If you only have a vertical cluster, fixes requirng a restart will result in an outage for the end users.

Do not remove nodes from the cluster when applying fixes. Doing so may result in the inability to add the node back to the cluster.

Minor fixes

Minor fixes do not update the portal databases or require version upgrades. Use install instructions supplied with the fix.

Before applying, turn off the auto-synchronization. After deployment on all cluster nodes, force a manual synchronization, then re-enable auto-synchronization.

Fixes and service packs

The recommended approach is to install service packs using multiple production clusters...

For environments with a single cluster...

Set up a cluster on IBM i
Set up a cluster on AIX
Set up a cluster on Linux
Set up a cluster on Solaris
Set up a cluster on Windows