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AIX stand-alone: Change Oracle or Oracle RAC driver types

IBM WebSphere Portal requires the use of either Oracle JDBC Type 4 drivers or JDBC OCI Type 2 drivers when connecting to Oracle or Oracle RAC. You may need to change driver types after a migration. Direct migration from a previous installation of WebSphere Portal using JDBC Type 4 drivers to an installation using JDBC OCI Type 2 drivers is not supported. To migrate from a previous version of WebSphere Portal using JDBC Type 4 drivers, the target system must use JDBC Type 4 drivers. Once migration is complete, we can continue using JDBC Type 4 drivers or change the driver type to JDBC OCI Type 2 drivers as appropriate.

Before beginning, ensure that the following conditions are met:

  1. cd WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine

  2. Validate configuration properties...

      ./ConfigEngine.sh validate-database

  3. cd WP_PROFILE/bin

  4. Stop the WebSphere_Portal server:

      ./stopServer.sh WebSphere_Portal -username wpadmin -password foo

  5. cd WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine

  6. To change from one supported driver to the other, run the following task to connect the database, including only the domains that require the switch.

      ./ConfigEngine.sh connect-database -Drelease.DbPassword=foo -Dcustomization.DbPassword=foo -Dcommunity.DbPassword=foo -Djcr.DbPassword=foo -Dfeedback.DbPassword=foo -Dlikeminds.DbPassword=foo -DWasPassword=foo

  7. cd WP_PROFILE/bin

  8. Start the WebSphere Portal server.

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