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AIX stand-alone: Create a local DB2 database automatically

This section provides information on using ConfigEngine tasks to create databases when using a local DB2 installation. If we are using a remote DB2 installation, we cannot create databases using ConfigEngine. Create the databases manually.

Before beginning, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

The create-database task cannot be run by a non-root user.

  1. Create the databases:

      cd WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine
      ./ConfigEngine.sh create-database -DWasPassword=foo

  2. Check the services file on the DB2 server system. If it does not specify DB2 connection and interrupt service ports, specify the ports for the operating system.

    1. Edit /etc/services

    2. Add the text db2c_db2 50000/tcp, where db2 is the default instance.

      Ensure the port number used is not already in use. If 50000 is already is use, select a different port number.

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