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AIX stand-alone: Create DB2 database schemas

To create database schemas, we can create a copy of the template SQL scripts and edit this copy to manually create the database schemas. The template SQL scripts should be used as a guide for creating executable scripts and contain invalid SQL syntax.

Before beginning: You should have completed Installing DB2 .

For all databases, use one user with administrative rights on the operating system and the DB2 installation. This user can be the database administrative user created automatically by the DB2 installation program. This user is the database configuration user that will be used for configuration tasks: creating database tables and performing database transfer. T have WebSphere Portal also create the databases, the database user should be given SYSADM rights. You only need to manually create an administrator ID when you do not want to use an existing DB2 administrator ID.

A common user name is db2inst1, but we can assign any user name as long as it has administrative access and follows the limitations listed here. Do not change the user name after creating it.

The user and group names must comply with both the database management system software requirements and WebSphere Portal requirements. The limitations on user names are:

Refer to the following locations to refer to the SQL script templates:

Database domain Location of template
Release PORTAL_HOME/base/wp.db.impl/config/templates/setupdb/db2/release/createSchema.sql
Community PORTAL_HOME/base/wp.db.impl/config/templates/setupdb/db2/community/createSchema.sql
Customization PORTAL_HOME/base/wp.db.impl/config/templates/setupdb/db2/customization/createSchema.sql
JCR PORTAL_HOME/base/wp.db.impl/config/templates/setupdb/db2/jcr/createSchema.sql
Feedback PORTAL_HOME/pzn/prereq.pzn/config/templates/setupdb/db2/feedback/createSchema.sql
Likeminds PORTAL_HOME/pzn/prereq.pzn/config/templates/setupdb/db2/likeminds/createSchema.sql

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