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AIX cluster: Prepare a Novell eDirectory

Prepare Novell eDirectory:

  1. Install Novell eDirectory; refer to eDirectory for information.

  2. Use the Tivoli Directory Server Web Administration Tool to create the WebSphere Portal administrative user:

      To create a new directory suffix:

      1. Click the Server Administration folder

      2. Click Manage Server Properties > Suffix

      3. Type the Base DN name for the suffix; for example...


      4. Click Add.

      5. Click OK to save the changes.

    1. Edit PORTAL_HOME/installer/wp.iim/ldif:

      • Use PortalUsers.ldif as a working example .

      • Use ContentUsers.ldif for the IBM Content Manager group and user IDs if you configured IBM Content Manager.

    2. Replace every dc=myco,dc=com with your suffix.

    3. Replace any prefixes and suffixes that are unique to your LDAP server.

    4. We can specify user names other than wpsadmin and wpsbind.

    5. Save the changes.

    6. Import the LDIF file.

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