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Additional node: Install with GUI on AIX

We can use the IBM Installation Manager to help install IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM WAS on your additional nodes. The IBM Installation Manager gathers essential information, such as host name and node, verifies the operating system and its prerequisites, available disk space, and any required software prerequisites, and then performs the installation. The main difference when installing additional nodes, select option: Product binaries only

The bit architecture of the installation program uses:

When you install onto a 64-bit operating system, WebSphere Portal installs as a 64-bit version. We can force a 32-bit application installation onto a 64-bit operating system.

Use the IBM Installation Manager for installation

  1. Verify the fully qualified host name...

      ping myserver.myco.com

  2. Verify network configuration...

      ping localhost

  3. For servers with a firewall, antivirus, screen saver, and/or desktop search engine enabled, disable them before installing.

  4. Install IBM Installation Manager:

    • GUI...



        ./userinstc -acceptLicense \ -log /tmp/install.log

    • From Portal Setup disk...


      To change display language, add the LaunchPadLocale language code.

      To search for IBM Installation Manager updates, navigate to...

        File > Update

  5. Add the repositories where the installation media exists:

    1. Open the IBM Installation Manager and navigate to...

        File > Preferences > Repositories > Add Repositories

    2. Select Browse and navigate to the IBM WAS service repository and then click OK.

    3. Ensure all required repositories are checked.

    4. Click Test Connections.

    5. Select Apply.

    6. Select OK.

  6. On the main IBM Installation Manager panel, select Install to begin the installation process.

    1. On the panel...

        Select packages to install

      ...select both the WAS and WebSphere Portal packages.

    2. On the panel...

        Select the fixes to install

      ...select the following fixes based on how we are accessing the repository:

        When you install WAS and WebSphere Portal together from the live repository (Passport Advantage)


        When you install WAS and WebSphere Portal together from the local repository (DVD or downloaded eImage)


    3. Click Next.

    4. Accept the license agreement and then click Next.

    5. Select shared resources directory and then click Next.

    6. Set Installation Directory:

      1. Select the WAS Package Group Name and then select the installation directory path.

      2. Select the WebSphere Portal Package Group Name and then select the installation directory path.

      3. Click Next.

    7. Select the translations to install and then click Next.

    8. On the panel...

        Select the features to install

      ...expand the WAS and WebSphere Portal packages

      Expand the WebSphere Portal package and deselect the feature...

        Create a new Portal Server Profile

      A full WebSphere Portal server is not currently required. We create the custom profile later.

    9. Confirm the information on the Summary panel and then click Install.

  7. Verify the installation successfully created the WebSphere Portal file system.

    Because the WebSphere Portal profile was not created, the WebSphere_Portal server does not exist. We create the server when adding the node to the cluster.

Parent: Install WebSphere Portal on AIX for the horizontal cluster nodes