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AIX stand-alone: Add attributes

The VMM is configured with a default attribute scheme that might not be compatible with the LDAP server. If this is the case, extend the VMM attribute schema by adding new attributes that we can map between IBM WebSphere Portal and the user registry.

Add new attributes to the user registry

  1. Run backupConfig.sh

  2. Install the required .ear file on WAS.

      cd WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine
      ./ConfigEngine.sh wp-la-install-ear -DWasPassword=foo

  3. Stop and restart servers, dmgrs, and node agents.

  4. Edit wkplc.properties

  5. Set parameters under the VMM Property Extension Properties heading:

  6. Save changes to wkplc.properties.

  7. Add the attribute to the user registry...

    This task calls an EJB to WAS, which must authenticate against WAS. Depending on the configuration in the sas.client.props file, you may receive a popup window or a command line prompt asking for user identity and password. Enter the WAS user ID and password.

    Remember: For multiple properties to add, repeat all steps, except for the wp-la-install-ear task, until all new attributes are added.

  8. Stop and restart servers, dmgrs, and node agents.

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Start and stop servers, dmgrs, and node agents