Web content delivery environments

A delivery environment is used to deliver content to your Web site viewers.

Pre-rendered delivery

You can pre-render a complete Web site into HTML and save it to disk. The pre-rendered site can then be used as your live site and displayed to end users using either Web Content Management or a Web server. You deploy a pre-rendered site when you are not using any WebSphere Portal features, such as portlets, and your content is static and is only updated periodically.

Servlet delivery

Users can access content displayed via the Web Content Management servlet. A servlet delivered Web site should be used when you don't need to use any WebSphere Portal based features such as authoring tools.

Local Web Content Viewer delivery

Web Content Viewers are portlets that display content from a Web content library as part of a portal page. If your presentation is simple, a single Web Content Viewer can be sufficient, but you can also use multiple Web Content Viewers to aggregate content from different libraries and provide a richer experience for your users. A local Web content view portlet is used to display content within your Web content delivery environment.

Remote Web Content Viewer delivery

A remote Web content view portlet is used to display content on a remote WebSphere Portal server or cluster.

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