WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Dynamic Clusters

You can create a WebSphere Virtual Enterprise dynamic cluster to run WebSphere Portal. Important for i5/OS only: Dynamic clusters are not supported because WebSphere Virtual Enterprise does not support installation on i5/OS.

For each node that will be part of the dynamic cluster, follow the instructions to install WebSphere Portal in a production environment using WebSphere Virtual Enterprise as the deployment manager. However, do not run the task to set up a static cluster (cluster-node-config-cluster-setup). After installing and preparing all nodes, follow the instructions provided to set up a WebSphere Virtual Enterprise node group and dynamic cluster for WebSphere Portal.

The WebSphere Virtual Enterprise On Demand Router (ODR) component provides capabilities such as workload balancing, prioritization, health monitoring, and dynamic operations for dynamic clusters. An ODR can be configured to provide multi-cluster routing, including dynamic clusters located in remote cells, and routing to other servers that are not running WebSphere Virtual Enterprise. The ODR can serve as a replacement for the HTTP server plug-in, but in many configurations both components are used. The HTTP server could be located in the demilitarized zone to serve static content and to provide an entry point to the private network where the ODR resides.

When applying maintenance to upgrade the level of WebSphere Virtual Enterprise and WebSphere Network Deployment it is important that the deployment manager remain inactive until both upgrades are complete because if the deployment manager is active before both upgrades are complete it may detect an incompatible version of WebSphere Virtual Enterprise and remove some required resources from the dynamic cluster. Keeping the deployment manager inactive until both Network Deployment and WebSphere Virtual Enterprise updates have been completed will insure that this potential problem does not occur.

See Preparing WAS Network Deployment to install the product for information on the order of product installation to prepare for WebSphere Virtual Enterprise and ODR.

See Creating and configuring ODRs for information on creating an ODR.

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