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WebSphere Portal comes with pre-built, sample Internet and Intranet Web sites that you can explore to learn about authoring and managing different types of content, or use as a template to streamline development of your own portal.

You can also use the New Site Wizard to generate your own portal site.

Sample sites

The sample Intranet and Internet sites are not automatically installed when install WebSphere Portal, but you can add them by running the configure-express task.

For more information, see the topic that describes installing WebSphere Portal on your particular platform.

For example, if the portal server is running on Microsoft Windows, see Installing WebSphere Portal on Windows.

You can access the sample intranet and internet sites through the More menu in the main portal banner, or by opening the appropriate URL in a browser:

Use the Intranet site template as a starting point for creating your own employee site. Home, Work, and Resources pages come seeded with placeholder content that you can use as is or customize. Easy to use list portlets let you organize and manage announcements, news, events, FAQs, and links.

Use the Internet site template to get a jumpstart on building a Web site where customers can learn about product offerings, marketing promotions, and company news.

Creating portal sites on demand

Use the New Site Wizard to generate your own site – without needing any portal development skills or assistance from an administrator. Just select a site template from the available samples, choose the look and feel you want, and then let the wizard do the rest.

The wizard automatically creates new sites as virtual portals; however, administrators and developers can extend the wizard to create any type of portal site. Portal developers can also enhance the New Site Wizard by creating custom site templates, and then adding them to the wizard.

Download the New Site Wizard from the WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog. Package contents include...

After deploying the wizard, add the portlet to a page that users can access.

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