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The starting point for documentation is the information center. However, there are many sites and resources available to you when working with WebSphere Portal. Knowing where to look for information can save you time and money. Learn more about primary and secondary resources for WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management documentation and supplemental content.

There are three primary sources for content the WebSphere Portal Information Center, the WebSphere Portal Family wiki, and WebSphere Portal Support site.

Each content source links to the other sources to help you navigate between the resources. Each content source has a specific objective and is intended to be used with the other sources.

The information center is developed to help you take advantage of features based on expected usage patterns and use cases. The wiki content is developed by the community, both inside and outside of IBM, with the intent of sharing experiences with the product and based on actual usage patterns and use cases. The Support content is developed by IBM Support to help you avoid and diagnose issues with the intent of being as responsive as possible.

Information center

The information center includes:

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WebSphere Portal Wiki

wiki includes:

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WebSphere Portal Support page

The Support page includes:

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Product overview

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