Uninstalling manually on i5/OS

If the uninstallation program is not present or an aborted installation did not create a complete and functional uninstallation program, you can manually uninstall WebSphere Portal.

Perform the following steps to manually uninstall WebSphere Portal:

  1. Run...


    s to stop the server1 and WebSphere_Portal servers from the profile_root/bin directory:

    1. stopServer server1 -username admin_userid -password admin_password

    2. stopServer WebSphere_Portal -username admin_userid -password admin_password

  2. Verify that there are no other installations or uninstallations running.

  3. Locate and delete the /tmp/InstallShield/portalinstall.lockfile file if present.

    The Portal installer creates the portalinstall.lockfile to prevent two installations or uninstallations from running simultaneously.

    This is a temporary file and ordinarily gets deleted when the installation or uninstallation successfully completes, but it may not get deleted during an aborted or crashed procedure. Until this file is deleted, it will not be possible to initiate another installation.

  4. Uninstall WAS; if manually uninstall it, refer to Manually uninstalling the product for i5/OS

  5. Delete the /tmp/iseries directory, which is a temporarily copied i5/OS WAS install image during the WAS installation, if you ran the installation using a remote Windows workstation.

  6. Delete the PortalServer_root directory tree and the profile_root directory tree.

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