Prepare an Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services on Windows

If you plan to use an Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services as an LDAP user registry, install and set up the server so that it will communicate with WebSphere Portal.

To prepare Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services:

  1. Download Active Directory Application Mode and then install it; refer to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services.

    Attention: By default, Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services requires an enabled SSL to set and update user passwords. If you do not want to enable SSL, go to Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services Frequently Asked Questions and click How do I enable password changes on an unencrypted connection to Active Directory-Lightweight-Directory-Services.

  2. Create the WebSphere Portal administrative user:

    1. Create a new user with the Windows administrative tools.

      There is a 20 character limitation for the user account name.

    2. Set the password for the new user.

    3. Activate the new user with the Windows administrative tools. Set the msDS-UserAccountDisabled attribute to false.

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