Prepare additional nodes on i5/OS

After installing and configuring the primary node, you can create your secondary nodes. You must install WebSphere Portal on each node and then configure the node to access the database and user registry before adding it to the cluster.


Prepare prerequisite and corequisite software on i5/OS

Prepare your System i5

Prepare the primary node on i5/OS
To prepare your secondary node:

  1. Installing WebSphere Portal on i5/OS on the additional nodes

    Install WebSphere Portal on your secondary nodes to create a highly available and scalable environment.

  2. Add additional nodes to the cluster on i5/OS

    After installing WebSphere Portal on your secondary node, add the node to the cluster to create a highly available environment.

  3. Optional: Add vertical cluster members to a static cluster

    You can add vertical cluster members to share the workload demands of the cluster across multiple members running on the same physical machine.

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