Prepare a Novell eDirectory

To prepare Novell eDirectory:

  1. Install Novell eDirectory; refer to eDirectory.

  2. Create the WebSphere Portal administrative user

    1. Optional: To create a new directory suffix:

      1. Click the Server Administration folder, located in the left-hand navigation of the directory server console.

      2. Click the Manage Server Properties folder under the Server Administration folder and then select Suffixes on the main page.

      3. Type the Base DN name for the suffix; for example: dc=yourcompany,dc=com.

      4. Click Add.

      5. Click OK to save your changes.

      6. Cycle the LDAP server.

    2. Edit SETUP_CDROM/filename.ldif

      • Use PortalUsers.ldif for most scenarios.
      • Use ContentUsers.ldif if you configured DB2 Content Manager.

    3. Replace every dc=yourco,dc=com with your suffix.

    4. Replace any prefixes and suffixes unique to your LDAP server.

    5. You can specify user names other than wpsadmin and wpsbind.

      For security reasons, specify nontrivial passwords for these administrator accounts.

    6. Optional: If using IBM Tivoli Access Manager Version 5.1, set the objectclasses to accessGroup.

      If using Tivoli Access Manager Version 6, set the objectclasses to groupOfNames.

    7. Save changes.

    8. Import the LDIF file into the directory server

    9. Cycle the LDAP server.

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