Configure developer mode on Windows



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Developer mode allows you to improve start up performance.

This task modifies the following components:

JVM The JVM will be switched to development mode and the initial heap size will be set to the maximum heap size to reduce the amount of garbage collection during start up.
Portlets Portlets and Web Applications will be activated on first access and not at the start up.

Since some of the portlets and applications are required at start up, a white list, which contains the list of applications, will hold the applications still started at start up.

To add applications to the white list, modify...

...and add a line such as..

    lappend WarFileNameList App_name

To list available applications, from the WAS console...

    Applications | Application Types | WebSphere enterprise applications

Configure Developer Mode

Immediately after installing WebSphere Portal to develop portals and portlets, run....

To revert back to a production server

You can run disable-develop-mode-startup-performance when you are done developing the portal and portlets...

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