Backing up remote database schemas

After backing up your profile, backup any remote database schemas. This topic provides instructions on backing up remote database schemas on IBM i5/OS using the saveRemoteDb script. Before performing this task, you should have backed up your profile.

To back up remote database schemas:

  1. If WebSphere Portal is not installed on the system containing the remote schemas, copy the /QIBM/ProdData/PortalExpress/V61/Tools file from a system where WebSphere Portal is installed to a location in the Integrated File System (IFS) where the remote database schemas are located.

  2. Stop the profile associated with the remote database schemas you are backing up.

  3. Type STRQSH on the command line to start the QShell Interpreter.

  4. Change to the directory containing the file.

    If WebSphere Portal is not installed on the system, change to the directory where you copied the file.

    If WebSphere Portal is installed on the system, change to the /QIBM/ProdData/PortalExpress/V61/Tools directory.

  5. Enter the parameters command to back up the remote database schemas. Use the following parameters listed in the table with the above task; the following parameters are required:

    schemaList (-t)

    Specifies a list of schemas to save. Schemas listed must be separated by a comma with no spaces.

    -mediaDevice (-m) or -saveFileLib (-s)

    Specifies a media device to save to or a library where saved files are created to save the data

    The library name must be 10 characters are less.

    Parameter names are case-sensitive.

    Table 1. Optional parameters for use with the script saveRemoteDb

    Parameter Description
    -help (-h)

    Displays help for the command.

    -logDir (-l)

    Specifies where to save log files for this command.

    If a log directory is not specified using this parameter, logs are created by default in /savRstWp60.

    -verify (-v)

    Verifies the command. If this parameter is used, the command outputs what would be done according to the parameters being used, without actually performing the backup.

Examples -schemaList lib1,lib2,lib3,lib4,lib5,wcs01,wcs02,wcs03 -saveFileLib savlib1

In this example, eight schemas are saved to library savlib1.

ADDJOBSCDE JOB(WPSRMTBU) CMD(QSH CMD('/QIBM/ProdData/PortalExpress/v61/Tools/sh_utils -t lib1,lib2,lib3,lib4,lib5,wcs01,wcs02,wcs03 -s savlib1')) FRQ(*WEEKLY) SCDDATE(*NONE) SCDDAY(*SUN) SCDTIME('23:30:00')

In this example the i5/OS command Add Job Schedule Entry (ADDJOBSCDE) is used to make the script run on a regular schedule. The ADDJOBSCDE command must be run from an i5/OS command line. The parameters are the same as in the previous example; however, the script is run with a job name (JOB) of WPSRMTBU on a frequency (FRQ) of once per week with a schedule day (SCDDAY) of Sunday and a schedule time (SCDTIME) of 11:30 p.m.

The profile associated with the remote schemas must be stopped for this command to complete successfully. In order for a scheduled backup such as the following to complete successfully, it would have to be coordinated with a shutdown of the profile.

For detailed information on the ADDJOBSCDE command and its parameters, see the appropriate IBM eServerâ„¢ i5 Information Center.

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