Transferring DB2 for i5/OS manually

View the steps to manually transfer data to the IBM DB2 Universal Databaseā„¢ for iSeries database you have set up. As an alternative to the manual database transfer procedure described here, you can use the configuration wizard to complete the database transfer task.

Before you begin:

Ensure that the following prerequisites are met:


Prepare for creation of databases

Create user profiles

Creating remote databases

Modifying database properties

Steps for transferring data to another supported database

  1. Stop both WAS and the WebSphere Portal server:

    Option Description
    WAS stopServer server1 -username admin_userid -password admin_password
    WebSphere Portal stopServer WebSphere_Portal -username admin_userid -password admin_password

  2. Validate configuration properties using the following commands: validate-database-driver -DTransferDomainList=release,customization,community,jcr,feedback,likeminds -DWasPassword=password
 validate-database-connection -DTransferDomainList=release,customization,community,jcr,feedback,likeminds -DWasPassword=password

  3. Transfer the database:

    1. Enter the following command: database-transfer -DWasPassword=password

      Use SBMJOB to submit the Qshell script as a batch job to run in *BASE pool when *INTERACT pool does not have 1GB or more of allocated memory.

      For example: SBMJOB CMD(STRQSH CMD( database-transfer -DWasPassword=password))

    2. After running this task, a message is added to the log files to verify that this task was successful. Check the log files. If the configuration fails, verify the values in the,, and files and then repeat this step.

  4. Enter the following command to start the WebSphere Portal server: startServer WebSphere_Portal

If you have performed database transfer in a clustered environment, explicitly copy the profile_root/PortalServer/jcr/lib/com/ibm/icm/ file from the primary node on which the database-transfer task was processed to all secondary nodes. This ensures that the secondary nodes have the new JCR database values specified in the file.

  1. Stop the portal server on the secondary node.

  2. Copy the profile_root/PortalServer/jcr/lib/com/ibm/icm/ file from the primary node and replace the file on the secondary node with the new file from the primary node.

  3. Start the portal server on the secondary node.

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