Set up databases

This topic provides instructions on automatically setting up your database using...

As an alternative to automatically setting up the database, you can manually create users and grant privileges. Before you begin, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:


Installing Oracle RAC

Create users

Creating databases

Modifying database properties

  1. On the database server, make sure that the folder db_1 contains the subfolders your_oracle_instance/data and your_oracle_instance/index.

    If this folder hierarchy does not exist, create it manually before you run the setup-database task. The setup-database task requires these folders to create database users. If these folders do not exist, the setup-database task will fail.

  2. cd profile_root/ConfigEngine

  3. To create the database users, type the following command:

    • ./ setup-database -DWasPassword=password

    This task will automatically create the necessary users, permissions, and table spaces.

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