Create users manually

Use this alternative method for creating users if you have problems running the setup-database task that is documented for setting up a remote SQL Server 2005 database on Windows for a stand-alone production server. Before you begin:

Create the recommended database users with the SQL Server Management Studio. At least one user is required for each SQL Server 2005 instance.

Take care to create users in an environment that has the same settings as the actual runtime environment.

For example, avoid creating a user in an English environment if you plan to use that user in a Turkish environment.

  1. Connect to your SQL Server 2005 instance.

  2. Expand the tree view beneath the SQL Server instance.

  3. Expand Security and right-click on Logins.

  4. In the opening context menu, select New Login....

  5. Enter the database user names.

  6. Select SQL Server Authentication.

  7. Set a password for the selected user.

  8. In the Database Access window, select the database the user must connect to at runtime. The following mappings are recommended:

    Database User

  9. Click OK to save the user changes.

  10. Add the role SqlJDBCXAUser to all the database users that connect to the database using XA connections.

    This role is available for the database "master" only. To grant users this role:

    1. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the database instance.

    2. Expand Security > Logins underneath the database instance name.

    3. Click the user name to open the Login Properties window.

    4. Select User Mapping.

    5. Select database master in the database list.

    6. Select SqlJDBCXAUser.

    7. Click OK.

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