Configure JCR search in a cluster on HP-UX

To enable search in a cluster for content stored in the JCR database, configure each machine in the cluster to access a shared directory. JCR-based content includes content created with Web Content Management or Personalization. Create a shared directory called jcr/search on a machine in the network and ensure that each node in the cluster has network access to the directory.

If you are creating content in a clustered environment using the authoring portlet provided with Web Content Management, additional configuration steps are required to enable content created by these content features to be searchable in a cluster.

Perform the following steps on each machine in the cluster to configure Search in a clustered environment:

  1. Edit the file, located in the profile_root/PortalServer/jcr/lib/com/ibm/icm directory.

  2. Change the value of the jcr.textsearch.indexdirectory property to the shared directory; for example, jcr.textsearch.indexdirectory=\\\\your_server\\your_share\\jcr\\search.

    You can specify the shared directory value in one of the following formats:

    Option Description
    Universal Naming Convention (UNC) format \\\\your_server\\your_share\\jcr\\search

    Example: \\\\\\share\\jcr\\search

    Mounted resource format (with forward slashes):


    For example: /mnt/jcr/search

    This format requires that you mount the shared directory to the local machine (for example, through a mapped network drive or a mounted directory). When using the mounted resource format, always use forward slashes instead of back slashes, regardless of the native operating system path format.

  3. Required: Perform the following steps to delete the default search collections from the Manage Search portlet:

    1. Log on to WebSphere Portal as an administrator.

    2. Click Administration > Search Administration > Manage Search.

    3. Click Search Collections.

    4. Click the Delete Collection icon for the Portal Content search collection.

    5. Click OK.

    6. Restart the WebSphere_Portal server.

    7. Go to the Manage Search portlet and confirm that the Portal Content search collection was deleted.

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