Configure DB2 for large file handling in Web Content Management



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For Web Content Management, update the database configuration to support large files. Do this by setting the fullyMaterializeLobData property in the administrative console.


Prepare the Windows operating system

Installing WebSphere Portal on Windows

Installing DB2 on the same server as WebSphere Portal

Configure JCR collation support

Modifying database properties

Set up databases

Configure WebSphere Portal to use DB2

You only need to perform these steps if you are using Web Content Management.

  1. Log into the administrative console.

  2. Click Resources > JDBC > Data sources.

  3. Select all scopes (the default setting) or select a specific cell, node, or node/server. Select the scope that corresponds to your instance of WebSphere Portal. The view refreshes.

  4. Select the name of the data source that is defined in for the JCR database domain. The default data source is wpdbDS.

  5. Click Custom properties.

  6. Ensure that the fullyMaterializeLobData property is set to false.

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Configure WebSphere Portal to use DB2

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