Assigning custom table spaces

The repository of WebSphere Portal consists of many tables and indices that are created in default file groups. When using an existing set of file groups for the objects of the repository, specify this when executing the database transfer to the target database system. Before you begin:


Installing SQL Server

Modifying database properties

Set up databases

If custom file groups are assigned, each must be assigned explicitly. The default file groups can be used to contain database objects; however the name of the default file group must be specified in the corresponding mapping files. This applies to all database domains that are transferred in a single database transfer.

To configure custom file groups:

  1. Determine the names of custom file groups.

  2. Open the mapping file profile_root /PortalServer/config/tablespaces that specifies the table space and index space property pairs for each database table:

    • database_domain.table_name.tablespace

    • database_domain.table_name.index_name.indexspace

    For each table space and index space property pair, The database_domain can be any one of the following values:

    • release

    • community

    • customization

    • feedback

    • likeminds

  3. Assign a file space to each entry in the mapping file. The file group name must be prepended by the keyword ON and a space.

    For example: community.COMP_INST.tablespace=ON COMM8KSPACE Repeat this step for each domain that you are transferring.

  4. Save and close

  5. From a command prompt, specify the option -DuseCustomTablespaceMapping=true when starting the database transfer.

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