REM * Start the <intra> instance (ORACLE_intra here must be set to <intra>).
 REM *
 REM connect internal
 startup nomount pfile=/opt/oracle/admin/intra/pfile/initintra.ora
 REM * Create the <dbname> database.
 REM * SYSTEM tablespace configuration guidelines:
 REM *   General-Purpose ORACLE RDBMS                5Mb
 REM *   Additional dictionary for applications  10-50Mb
 REM * Redo Log File configuration guidelines:
 REM *   Use 3+ redo log files to relieve ``cannot allocate new log...'' waits.
 REM *   Use ~100Kb per redo log file per connection to reduce checkpoints.
 REM *
 create database "intra"
     maxinstances 8
     maxlogfiles  32
     maxdatafiles  500
     character set "US7ASCII"
         '/oradata1/intra/intra_system1.dbf'     size 300M
         '/oradata1/intra/intra_log1a.rdo'       size 50M,
         '/oradata2/intra/intra_log2a.rdo'       size 50M,
         '/oradata1/intra/intra_log3a.rdo'       size 50M,
         '/oradata2/intra/intra_log4a.rdo'       size 50M;