Control Files


Binary files which contain the schema information from a create database command.

Mirroring of control files is strongly recommended, with one control file per disk. Specify more than one value for the CONTROL_FILES parameter in the init.ora file.

Use the V$CONTROLFILE view to list active control files

To recreate a control file with different parameters

  1. Back up the database

  2. Startup Server Manager and run:

    alter database backup controlfile to trace;

  3. Edit the trace file , found in USER_DUMP_DEST

  4. You can modify all the lines except for the CREATE CONTROLFILE statement.

  5. Run shutdown normal

  6. Move the old control files to a backup directory (mv not cp).

  7. Run startup nomount

  8. Run the modified CREATE CONTROLFILE trace file

  9. Run alter database open;

To change a database name, recreate the control file using the above procedure, but change the REUSE DATABASE OLDSID line to SET DATABASE NEWSID