WebSphere Host Integration Solution


WebSphere® Host Integration Solution consists of IBM® Communications Servers, WebSphere Application Server, and communications clients.

You can choose client and server software that best meets your needs, regardless of the type of platform, network connectivity, or host system. In a single offering, you get everything create and deploy advanced e-business applications that rely on host systems. Whether you want to give your host applications a Web appearance without programming, or integrate multiple legacy applications into a single Web page, WebSphere Host Integration Solution software has the answer.

There are several components of WebSphere Host Integration Solution:

WebSphere Host On-Demand WebSphere Host Access Transformation Server
Browser based Browser based
Thin-client terminal emulator  
Supports 3270, 5250, and virtual terminal (VT) emulation Supports 5250 and 3270 applications to a web browser
Used with the Screen Customizer product Enables legacy content integration with WebSphere Portal Server

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