The Remote Execution (REXEC) server is a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) application that allows a client user to submit system commands to a remote system. The Remote Execution Protocol (REXEC) allows processing of these commands or programs on any host in the network. The local host then receives the results of the command processing.

The user's client program sends the user identifier, password, and command to run to the server. The server validates the user, runs the requested command, and returns the results of the command to the client.

Commands submitted to the System i™ host fall into the following categories:

i5/OS® command processor

You run i5/OS command processor commands by specifying QCAPCMD as the target of the client REXEC.

Qshell command interpreter (i5/OS option 30)

You can use the Qshell interpreter by specifying qsh as the target of client REXEC.

"Spawned paths"

You can run any i5/OS program in a "child" (spawned) job by specifying the complete path to the program or shell script as the target of the REXEC command.

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