TCP/IP routing and workload balancing


You can route and balance the TCP/IP traffic of your system by using its integrated routing capabilities to eliminate the need for an external router.

The routing and workload balancing methods, as well as the background information, can help you understand the options available for you to use on your system. Each method is described using a figure so that you can see how the connections are made. These methods do not include instructions on configuring the routing techniques. The focus of this topic collection is on the routing principles and concepts you should know so that your system works better for you.


Why these methods are important to you

The techniques in these methods might cut down the overall cost of your connections because you can use fewer external routers and servers. Using these routing methods, you can free up IP addresses because you will be managing them in a more effective way. By reading the workload balancing methods, you can get better overall system performance by balancing the communications workload on your system.