Get started with iSeries communications


The iSeries™ server can use many different networking technologies. Supported protocols include TCP/IP, APPC, APPN, HPR, Remote workstation, asynchronous, and binary synchronous communications.

iSeries communications configuration is done by either manually or automatically creating a set of configuration objects that represent the local and remote systems that are to communicate. The types of objects required for a communications configuration vary, depending on the type of communications being configured.

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Networking concepts
Explanations and definitions of networking terms and concepts.

Configure iSeries for communications
Steps to take to configure your iSeries server for communications.

Optimize communications performance
Ways to achieve the best communications performance with your particular communications environment.

Communications applications
Information on implementing communications applications.

Communicate with host systems
Configure your iSeries system to communicate with host systems.

Communicate with a remote iSeries system
Configure your iSeries system to communicate with another iSeries system.

Communicate with remote workstation controllers
Configure your iSeries system to communicate with remote workstation controllers.

Networking standards
This topic introduces the types of common networking standards that are supported by the iSeries system.

Troubleshoot communication problems
Review this topic if you are having communications problems.