There are so many different networking schemes, possibilities, and protocols, so it might be difficult to decide on the best setup for you and your business.

Systems Network Architecture (SNA) includes the layered logical structure, formats, protocols, and operational sequences that are used for transmitting information units through networks. One example of implementing SNA to connect the i5/OS™ or iSeries™ server with other systems, to connect remote controllers and to maintain a high-level of security on your system, is through the use of APPC, APPN, and HPR.

Enterprise Extender is a networking architecture that allows Systems Network Architecture (SNA) applications to run over Internet Protocol (IP) networks using High Performance Routing (HPR). This is the preferred way to run SNA applications over IP networks with communications input/output adapters (IOAs), such as Gigabit Ethernet, since these IOAs do not require an input/output processor (IOP). Gigabit Ethernet adapters do not automatically support SNA traffic. Enterprise Extender (or AnyNet®) is required to allow SNA data to flow over a Gigabit adapter. IBM® recommends that Enterprise Extender be used in place of AnyNet. For more information, see Migration from AnyNet to Enterprise Extender.

If using APPC, APPN, and HPR sounds like a possibility, review the following pages:

What's new for V5R4
Highlights the changes and improvements made to APPC, APPN, and HPR.
Printable PDF
Print this topic to view a hardcopy of APPC, APPN, and HPR.
Planning your APPN and HPR network
Steps you should take before setting up and configuring your APPN and HPR network.
Configuring APPC, APPN, and HPR
Information about automatically or manually setting up your network.
Examples: APPC, APPN, and HPR configuration
Examples of network configurations to help you set up your own network.
Optimizing APPN and HPR communication performance
Ways to achieve optimal performance with your particular communications environment.
APPC, APPN, and HPR security
Information to help keep your APPN environment secure.
Troubleshooting APPN and HPR
Find solutions to communications problems.

If you would like more Information about APPC, see APPC Programming.

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