VisualAge RPG


This includes information about VisualAge(R) RPG for developing client/server applications.

VisualAge RPG Language Reference(2635 KB)
HTML version
This manual provides information about the RPG IV language as implemented using the VisualAge(R) RPG compiler with the Windows(R) 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT(R) operating system. This manual contains language fundamentals (such as the character set, symbolic names, reserved words, compiler directives, and indicators), data types and data formats, error and exception handling, subprocedures, specifications, built-in functions, expressions, and operation codes.

VisualAge RPG Parts Reference(1281 KB)
HTML version
This manual provides reference information about VisualAge(R) RPG parts that you use to create your graphical user interface (GUI) application, the attributes and events associated with each part, and the event attributes that you can query in your application. It is intended for anyone who is programming applications using VisualAge RPG.

Programming with VisualAge RPG(2083 KB)
HTML version
This manual is a guide for using VisualAge(R) RPG to develop client/server applications. It describes the steps at every stage of the application development cycle, from design to packaging and distribution. Programming examples are included to clarify the concepts and the process.


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