This includes information for Integrated Language Environment(R) (ILE) RPG, an IBM(R) licensed program that includes a set of RPG compilers to be used for commercial and business applications on the server.

ILE Application Development Example
This manual contains ILE application examples, the steps needed to complete the presented examples, and discussions of those examples. The topics covered include the ILE environment, modularity, debugging, activation groups, service programs, and updating ILE programs.

ILE Concepts
This manual describes concepts and terminology for the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) architecture of the i5/OS(TM) operating system. Topics covered include module creation, binding, how to run and debug programs, and exception handling.

Websphere Development Studio: ILE RPG Programmer's Guide
HTML version
This guide provides information that shows how to use the ILE RPG compiler (ILE RPG) in the Integrated Language Environment(R). ILE RPG is an implementation of the RPG IV language on the server with the i5/OS operating system. Use this guide to create and run ILE applications from RPG IV source.

Websphere Development Studio: ILE RPG Reference
HTML version
This manual provides reference material on RPG concepts, definitions, and specifications. It contains language fundamentals (such as the character set, symbolic names, reserved words, compiler directives, and indicators), data types and data formats, error and exception handling, subprocedures, specifications, built-in functions, expressions, and operation codes.


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