i5/OS(TM) has powerful printing and output functions. You can present information using overlays, bar codes, graphics, images, and more. i5/OS supports a variety of industrial-type printing and presentation solutions.

Choosing and implementing a printing and presentation solution requires you to be familiar with both your organization's requirements and resources, and the capabilities provided by i5/OS. Use this information to plan for and configure these printing and presentation environments.

Basic printing
This information illustrates some of the basic printing functions, and helps you plan for and configure these functions.

Advanced Function Presentation
Advanced Function Presentation(TM) (AFP(TM)) is an architecture-based system of hardware and software for creating, formatting, viewing, retrieving, printing, and distributing information on a wide variety of printer and display devices. In AFP, page elements such as text, images, bar codes, page segments, and overlays, can be specified in any order at any position in the page. Use the information in this topic to help you understand and use AFP.