Read the concept and reference information that is needed most by i5/OSTM application developers. Find information about developing multithreaded applications or distributed applications (using Sun TI-RPC), or access reference information about application programming interfaces (APIs) or CL commands. Use this information to understand and use the server's programming capabilities.

Application programming interfaces
Use this information about using application programming interfaces (APIs) to create system-level applications. Use the API finder to search for APIs by name, description, or category. You can display an alphabetic list of all APIs, all new APIs, or all changed APIs.

Control language
Find information about all control language (CL) commands that are part of i5/OS, as well as commands that are optionally installable parts of i5/OS, and many commands for related licensed programs that can be used on the server. Use the CL command finder to search for CL commands by name, description, or product. You can display an alphabetic list of all commands, all new commands, or all changed commands.

Find information related to application program communications among processes on a local system, or between a local system and a remote system.

Data description specifications
With data description specifications (DDS), you can describe data attributes in file descriptions that are external to the application program that processes the data.

Development tools
Find information about application development through the use of management tools, an adjustable scripting environment, as well as debugging programs that run in the i5/OS PASE environment.

Use this information to learn how to use and program the System i printers, displays, and tape devices.

i5/OS globalization
The i5/OS operating system is designed to support the culture and languages of many countries around the world. As companies integrate e-commerce on a global scale into their fundamental business processes, their prospective customers, established customers, and active partners can take advantage of increased revenue and decreased expenses through software globalization.

iSeries Access
Find your solutions for PC and Web browser connections to your server. Learn what you can do, as an application developer, to create and customize applications.

Find information about the IBM(R) Developer Kit for Java(TM), IBM Toolbox for Java, and the Qshell command environment. Also learn about the Agent Building and Learning Environment (ABLE).

Get information related to high-level programming languages available for developing application programs.

Multithreaded applications
Find information for using multiple threads of control to improve application performance by running different application functions simultaneously.

Shells and utilities
The server supports a number of different program shells. These include the Qshell, Bourne, Korn, and C Shell.

WebSphere Application Server
Deploy and manage server-side Java applications with IBM WebSphere Application Server for iSeries.

WebSphere MQ
The WebSphere(R) MQ family provides application programming services that enable you to code indirect program-to-program communications that use message queues.

XML Toolkit for IBM System i5
The XML Toolkit for IBM System i5, licensed program offering (LPO) 5733-XT2, is designed to provide key development enablement components, XML parsers, to assist in the use of XML for general application or business-to-business (B2B) solutions. The XSL transformer allows you to reformat or reorganize XML documents to other formats (for example, XML or HTML).

Related information
Find manuals for additional functions and products related to programming.