Connecting to System i


Your system offers you many ways to connect to and communicate with the other systems in your environment. From mobile telephones to remote consoles to the powerful functions of iSeries(TM) Navigator, the System i environment offers you flexible solutions to use in your systems management strategy. Use the information in this topic to learn more about your options for communicating with your system.

Choose your connection
Choose from several different ways to connect to your i5/OS operating system, depending on the needs of your business environment. You can access, administer, and use your system from a Web client, Windows client, Linux client, or a wireless client. To interface with your system, you can use the traditional character-based interface or use iSeries Navigator if you prefer a graphical user interface. Other interface choices and several consoles are also available for establishing a connection to your i5/OS operating system.

iSeries Access
The IBM iSeries Access family of products is the solution for PC, Web browser, or wireless connectivity to your system. Using the iSeries Access functions, you can access and administer your systems.

iSeries Navigator
iSeries Navigator is the graphical user interface for managing and administering your server from your Windows(R) desktop. iSeries Navigator makes operation and administration of servers easier and more productive.

Operations Console
The Operations Console acts as a system console for you to access and administer your systems.

Twinaxial console
The twinaxial console uses a command-line interface to access and manage your system, and it does not require the use of a PC to act as a console. You access the system through a console, keyboard, and twinaxial cables.

Hardware Management Console
The Hardware Management Console (HMC) controls managed systems.

Thin Console
The Thin Console connects to select IBM System i models and provides a 5250 system console for the i5/OS operating system.