Hardware installation and use


Learn how to distribute and group system resources, plan backup and recovery situations, secure your system, manage multiple systems, and troubleshoot any problems that might occur on your system.

For other system model information, go to Hardware installation and use information in the IBM Systems Hardware Information Center.

Planning for your physical environment
The planning information for currently supported System i models is now available in the Planning topic in the IBM Systems Hardware Information Center.

Cabling your server
This topic collection provides information about how to properly cable your server.

Install iSeries features
Features can be installed and replaced on the following IBM System i models and expansion units.

Control panel
You can process system functions using the control panel.

Starting and stopping the system
Use this information to explore some of the introductory concepts related to your system and the i5/OS operating system. You can also use this guide to perform basic system operation tasks, such as starting and stopping your system and working with users, jobs, and devices.

System configuration list
The system configuration list is a printed record of your system contents. If you plan to change any hardware or software on the system, you need to know how your system is configured.