e-business and Web serving:


Read this information to understand e-business programming offerings and related resources.

The Easy400 Web site provides free tools that enable RPG and COBOL programmers to develop fully functional e-business solutions by making use of their current skills. All tools are delivered with sources.

Find information about the IBM Developer Kit for Java , IBM Toolbox for Java, and the Qshell command environment. Also learn about the Agent Building and Learning Environment (ABLE).

The Net.Data language is a server-side scripting language that extends Web servers by enabling the dynamic generation of Web pages using data from a variety of data sources. The data sources can include relational and nonrelational database management systems, such as DB2, DRDA-enabled databases, and flat-file data. You can build applications rapidly using the simple, yet powerful, Net.Data scripting language. Net.Data enables reuse of existing business logic by supporting calls to applications written in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C/C++, RPG, CL, COBOL, REXX, and other languages.

XML Toolkit for IBM System i5
The XML Toolkit for IBM System i5, licensed program offering (LPO) 5733-XT2, is designed to provide key development enablement components, XML parsers, to assist in the use of XML for general application or business-to-business (B2B) solutions. The XSL transformer allows you to reformat or reorganize XML documents to other formats (for example, XML or HTML).