e-business and Web serving:
e-business enablers


Read this information to understand e-business enabler offerings. These offerings enable existing applications or data for e-business.

Content Manager OnDemand
Content Manager OnDemand supports electronic statement presentment solutions through robust, advanced client applications for both desktop and standard Web browsers, with advanced search and report mining capabilities. With Content Manager OnDemand, enterprises can automatically organize printed output, and provide rapid, direct access to specific information, making more effective use of the massive amounts of information you acquire over time. Together, Content Manager OnDemand and the iSeries(TM) server improve service and productivity, and extend access to your customer information to include the Web.

DB2 XML Extender Administration and Programming
DB2(R) XML Extender provides data and metadata management solutions to handle traditional data types and new, or nontraditional, types of data.

Lotus Workflow
Lotus Workflow(TM) eases the interaction of people with information and is primarily used in applications requiring a review approval cycle. Its visual interface lets you define approval routing rules, participants and their roles, and relevant workflow data without the need for extensive programming.

Lotus Enterprise Integrator
Get direct real-time and batch access to DB2(R) Universal Database(TM) for iSeries(TM) data from Domino(R) applications without requiring programming knowledge. Lotus(R) Enterprise Integrator also enables i5/OS(TM) access rights to be mapped to Domino access rights for an unprecedented security implementation.

WebSphere Host Integration Solution
WebSphere(R) Host Integration Solution consists of IBM Communications Servers, WebSphere Application Server, and communications clients. You can choose client and server software that best meets your needs, regardless of the type of operating system, network connectivity, or host system. In a single offering, you get everything you need to create and deploy advanced e-business applications that rely on host systems. Whether you want to give your host applications a Web appearance without programming or integrate multiple existing applications into a single Web page, WebSphere Host Integration Solution software is the solution.

WebSphere MQ
The WebSphere(R) MQ family provides application programming services that enable you to code indirect program-to-program communications that use message queues.