e-business and Web serving:


Read this information to understand collaboration offerings. Collaboration offerings focus on sharing information with groups such as employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Domino(R) is a messaging application, a Web server, middleware, a corporate directory, and more in one integrated package. Domino can change the way your business operates by facilitating collaboration within your company and with other companies. Learn how you can set up and use the Domino server to perform e-mail, workflow-based computing, and data management.

Lotus(R) QuickPlace(R) for i5/OS(TM) is a tool that enables non-technical professionals to create a secure, central workspace for team collaboration. You can create an electronic shared workspace to support a task, project, or initiative within your business. Whether using QuickPlace in your intranet or as part of your extranet, you develop online Web-based sites without any programming knowledge and with minimal intervention from your company's IT staff.

Bring the flexibility and efficiency of real-time communications to your business. This collaboration tool provides online awareness, real-time communications, and document-sharing capabilities to your organization so that your company can operate more efficiently.

WebSphere Personalization
WebSphere(R) Personalization is a tool that provides a run-time extension to WebSphere Application Server that enables the deployment of personalized Web sites that were developed using WebSphere Studio Advanced Edition. Customizing the content of a Web site for each visitor makes the site easier to use, more interesting, and more useful for the site visitor.

WebSphere Portal
WebSphere Portal is a tool that enables companies to build their own custom portal Web site to serve the needs of employees, IBM Business Partners, and customers. Users can sign on to the portal Web site and receive personalized Web pages that provide access to the information, people, and applications they need. This personalized single point of access to all necessary resources reduces information overload, accelerates productivity, and increases Web site use.