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Database information finder
Use the Database information finder to quickly find DB2(R) and SQL information and examples.

DB2 Multisystem
This topic describes the fundamental concepts of DB2 Multisystem, such as distributed relational database files, node groups, and partitioning, and provides the information necessary to create and to use database files that are partitioned across multiple iSeries(TM) servers.

Distributed data management
This topic contains i5/OS(TM) distributed data management (DDM) concepts, information about preparing for DDM communications, and DDM-related programming information.

DB2(R) UDB Call Level Interface (CLI) is a callable Structured Query Language (SQL) programming interface that is supported in all DB2 environments except for DB2 UDB for z/OS(R) and for OS/390(R) and DB2 Server for VSE and VM. A callable SQL interface is a WinSock application program interface (API) for database access that uses function calls to start dynamic SQL statements.

SQL messages and codes
See this topic to identify the causes of error messages returned by SQL.

SQL Reference
This book defines Structured Query Language (SQL) as supported by DB2(R) Query Manager and SQL Development Kit. It contains reference information for the tasks of system administration, database administration, application programming, and operation. This manual includes syntax, usage notes, keywords, and examples for each of the SQL statements used on the system.