These topics provide programming and reference material for Customer Information Control System (CICS®), including CICS administration, operations, and interproduct communications.

CICS for iSeries Administration and Operations Guide(about 1716 KB)
This guide contains information relevant to the operation and administration of an IBM(R) CICS(R) iSeries(TM) system. It provides an overview of CICS, and then discusses the following major topics: characteristics and architecture of a CICS system, CICS resource definition, operating procedures (including starting and ending CICS shells and control regions), and CICS-supplied transactions (including CICS Enhanced Master Terminal (CEMT), the master terminal transaction that helps you administer your CICS system).

CICS for iSeries Application Programming Guide(about 3583 KB)
This guide assumes that you know about CICS in general, and about application programming in particular. If you are not experienced in CICS, this guide also has introductory material.

CICS for iSeries Intercommunication(about 1043 KB)
This manual describes how to set up a CICS OS/400(R) environment to communicate with another CICS environment, or with any of the following CICS products: CICS for MVS/ESA(TM), CICS/MVS(R), CICS/VSE(R), CICS OS/2(TM), CICS/6000(R), or CICS clients.

CICS for iSeries Problem Determination(about 658 KB)
This manual describes how to troubleshoot problems in CICS. This manual starts with the symptoms of the problem, and uses these symptoms to classify the problem. For each class of problems, possible causes and suggested techniques are provided that you can use to establish the cause of the problem.

CICS Family: API Structure(about 1356 KB)
This manual gives you a quick reference to the level of support that each member of the CICS family gives to the CICS application programming interface (API) and the system programming INQUIRE and SET commands. It complements the reference information for the API and system programming interface (SPI) in the appropriate manuals for each member.


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