Systems management:


Availability is the measure of how often your data and applications are ready for access when you need them. In today's fast-paced Internet economy, availability is a critical aspect of your computing environment. This category contains information about how to decide what level of availability you need and the technologies and techniques you can use to achieve your availability goals.

Availability roadmap
In today's fast-paced Internet environment, it is crucial that your data and applications be available to you when you need them. If your customers cannot access your Web site because your system is down, they might go to your competitors instead.

Controlling server shutdown using a power-handling program
Power-handling programs can minimize interruptions during a power loss. You should use a power protection device, such as an uninterruptible power supply, with your power-handling program.

Maximum capacities
If you exceed system limitations, you can experience an application outage or a system outage. Avoid these types of outages by being aware of the maximum capacities and system limitations in advance.