iSeries Tools - Application Development (formerly known as ADTS)


The WebSphere(R) Development Studio for iSeries licenced program was created to support the traditional project management activities of application development. It also supports efficient management of one or more versions of the components that make up an application.

This management applies to code in its source and object forms as it is developed, tested, and changed over the application development cycle and throughout the life of the application.

ADTS/400: Interactive Source Debugger(about 271 KB)
This manual describes how to use the interactive source debugger (ISDB) component of the Application Development ToolSet feature to carry out debugging on servers. It contains procedural information about what ISDB does, how to start and stop the tool, how to use the Source display to view program source and perform actions on it, and how to set breakpoints and display variables.

ADTS for AS/400: Screen Design Aid(about 480 KB)
This manual contains exercises and reference information to help you learn how to use the screen design aid (SDA). Use this manual to learn how to design, create, and maintain the following for programs that you develop: displays, menus, online help information, windows, pull-down menus, and menu bars.

ADTS for AS/400: Source Entry Utility(about 460 KB)
This manual contains tutorials, instructions, and reference information that shows application programmers and system programmers how to use the source entry utility (SEU). SEU is a full-screen editor that you use to create and update the source members of a source file. This manual contains information on starting an SEU session; creating, editing, browsing, and saving members using line commands, SEU commands, and the SEU displays; creating and using user-defined line commands; and using prompts and format lines to create your own prompt.


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