NetWare on iSeries


If you are responsible for a network that includes both iSeries servers and Novell NetWare servers, you recognize the advantages of network integration. As of V4R5, IBM® no longer supports NetWare Integration on an Integrated xSeries Server, but you can still use NetWare Enhanced Integration to integrate remote NetWare servers with your iSeries server. This feature allows you to integrate file and print services, user profile management, and network operations.

Get up and running:

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Install Overview
Install NetWare Enhanced Integration on your iSeries server.

Configure Netware Enhanced Integration
Configure your choice of protocol, install code fixes, install the NLM on your NetWare servers, define network server attributes for your servers, and more.

Manage NetWare server connections and authentication
Start a connection from iSeries server, create an authentication entry, or create a user profile to automate the authentication.

Manage NetWare users and data from iSeries server:

Manage NetWare users from iSeries server.
Understand user enrollment concepts. Set up your iSeries server and NetWare server for user enrollment. Create user and group profiles on iSeries server and enroll them to NetWare servers.

Manage NetWare volumes.
Create, change, and delete NetWare volumes and display or print volume information.

Manage NetWare files and directories.
Read about the QNetWare directory structure and how to work with your NetWare files and directories through the QNetWare file system.

Save and restore.
Save and restore your NetWare files and directories through the QNetWare file system.

Set up your system to print to NetWare printers.

If you have problems with Netware Enhanced Integration, see Troubleshoot problems.

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