Content Manager and Content Manager OnDemand


Content Manager OnDemand supports electronic statement presentment solutions through robust, advanced client applications for both desktop and standard Web browsers, with advanced search and report mining capabilities. With Content Manager OnDemand, enterprises can automatically organize printed output, and provide rapid, direct access to specific information, making more effective use of the massive amounts of information you acquire over time. Together, Content Manager OnDemand and the iSeries(TM) server improve service and productivity, and extend access to your customer information to include the Web.


Content Manager


Content Manager OnDemand


Web sites

For more information, go to the DB2 Content Manager onDemand for iSeries(TM) home page


For additional documentation, go to the DB2 Content Manager onDemand for iSeries library



Saving PDF files

To save a PDF on your workstation for viewing or printing:

  1. Right-click the PDF in your browser (right-click the link above).

  2. Click the option that saves the PDF locally.

  3. Navigate to the directory in which you want to save the PDF.

  4. Click Save.


Downloading Adobe Reader

You need Adobe Reader installed on your system to view or print these PDFs. You can download a free copy from the Adobe Web site (