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Limiting the number of pages for new sites or sections

Creating new sites or sections in HCL Digital Experience with Site Builder can take several minutes, depending on the number of pages to be created.

The default maximum number of pages we can create for a new site or section is 200. In a production environment, we can reduce the maximum to 100 or fewer pages. To reduce the default maximum number of pages, change the Site Builder portlet preference for SiteTemplateSiteMapMaxSize.

  1. Log in to the portal as an administrator.

  2. Click Administration.
  3. In the navigation tree, click Portlet Management > Portlets.

  4. Browse to the Site Builder portlet. The unique name is ibm.portal.sitebuilderportlet.

  5. Click the Configure portlet icon.

  6. Browse to the SiteTemplateSiteMapMaxSize preference and click the Edit value icon.

  7. Enter a number of 100 or less. Then, click OK.

  8. Click OK.