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Setting supported markups

We can set supported markups on modifiable instances that implement the ModifiableMarkupCapable interface.

For example, these can be the following:

Note: For content nodes, that is content pages, content labels, and content URLs, we need to set a supported markup. Otherwise they will not show in the read-only model.To set the supported markups for a resource, proceed as follows:

  1. Obtain a modifiable instance of the resource for which we want to set supported markups.

  2. Use the appropriate methods of the ModifiableMarkupCapable interface to set supported markups. For example, if we want to set a markup, use the addMarkup method.


Example - Setting a supported markup on a layout control (error handling omitted):

What to do next

For more detail about the markup list in the first line of the example and how to obtain it refer to Obtain a model from the portal.