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Securing the WSRP Consumer by HTTP-cookie-based single sign-on

We can configure your WSRP Consumer for using HTTP-cookie-based single sign-on. For this option, you must configure the WSRP Consumer to send or forward LTPA V2 single sign-on cookies as part of the WSRP request message to the WSRP Producer.

The single sign-on cookie represents a security credential that both by the WSRP Consumer and the WSRP Producer understand. The WSRP Producer receives the cookie and establishes the corresponding security context for the user on the Producer side. For using HTTP-cookie-based single sign-on, the WSRP Consumer must not use Web Services Security. In particular, if you plan to use this security option, you must not configure Web Services Security for the respective Producer definition.

The following example properties contain cookie forwarding rules for using HTTP-cookie-based single sign-on: