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Consuming portlets in a Consumer portal

After creating a Producer definition, we can proceed to consume the portlets that are provided by that Producer. This way, you integrate them into your Consumer portal as remote portlets.

To consume a remote portlet in your Consumer portal, you can use either of the following tools:


  1. On the Consumer side, all remote portlets behave like standard API-compliant portlets, independent of their implementation on the Producer side.

  2. When a Producer provides a portlet, only settings that are made in the Configure mode of the portlet are available at the consumed remote portlet. Adding a remote portlet to a page on the Consumer side creates a new instance of the provided portlet on the Producer side. But this instance can be modified only on the Consumer and is not visible on the Producer portal.
  3. Customization of the consumed portlets by Consumer portal users can be exported by using the XML configuration interface.
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