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Using the XML configuration interface to administer tags and ratings

We can use the XML configuration interface to manage tagging and rating in the portal. For example, we can move tagspaces and ratings between portal versions or for staging purposes.

The XML resources related to tagging and rating are tag, rating, and custom-resource. Portal resources and custom resources are tagged and rated by different ways:

The XML resource tags and their attributes are listed in the following.Notes:

  1. When you create tags, ratings, or custom resources, we need to specify all attributes except the ones marked as optional.

  2. When you move tagspaces between portals, both the users who have applied the tags and the resources to which the tags have been applied must exist in the target portal.

  3. We can update existing ratings, but not existing tags by using the XML configuration interface. The XML configuration interface action="update" works only for implicitly creating a new tag.

Refer to the following code samples. Example: Exporting tags and ratings

Example: Creating tags and ratings

Example: Deleting tags and ratings

Moving tags and ratings between portals by using the XML configuration interface

To move tags and ratings between portals, for example for staging purposes, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure that all users who have applied tags and ratings on the source portal also exist on the target portal.

  2. Make sure that all tagged and rated resources on the source portal also exist on the target portal.

  3. Use the provided XML sample script to export all tags and ratings from the source portal.
  4. Import the result file from the previous export step to the target portal.